Welcome to Our Class Notes wiki for EPPL 635--Organization & Governance in Higher Education


This assignment contains three main features:
  • Coauthor class notes and synthesize the core of the topic (200-300 word summary)

  • Define course terminology and use supporting information to illustrate the definitions.

  • Use external resources to provide additional course materials (e.g., scholarly articles, data sources, video clips, podcasts, etc.). Links should be provide to a minimum of three additional resources that support or extent the topic of the class session in question.

Each team is responsible for posting two times during the semester. Team assignments and associated dates are included below.

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Team A
Joey Allen
Hilda Darce
Jessica Hofbauer
Amy Moore
Laura Soerensson

Team B
Kemp Williams
Susan Hughes
Michael Mullin
Rachel Strawn
Chloe Harner

Team C
Ailee Farey
Yianna Kappas
Angelo Letizia
Kristina Neuhart
Justin Bruce

Team D
Kim Blank
Ravenn Gethers
Nicole Shaffer
Kristen Tarantino
Bronwen Watts

Team E
Michael Donlan
Jamie D’Orso
Luanna Martins
Artie Shell
Jaime Welch-Donahue